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Wednesday, June 12 2019

Welcome to the home of Grantsburg . Users can create an account, log runs in the training log, get meet information and all kinds of awesomeness with your SteepleWeb site.


Grantsburg Cross Country


The philosophy the coaching staff attempts to apply on a daily basis —  both at practice and at races — is summarized and can be understood with the acronym,  “CC4LIFE”: COMMIT and CONTROL (for) LEARNING to LEAD – INTEGRITY – FAITHFULNESS – EXCELLENCE

    Learning – Cross Country has a way of teaching us about ourselves,  others, and life. We emphasize a theme each season that encourages us to think beyond simply running fast.   Learning about health, fitness, competition, and life are all strong values CC experience – hoping to inspire student-athletes to be lifelong learners and servant leaders to make our program much more than just “winning”! We commit to having a growth mindset and serving others daily. We control the "controllables".

    Integrity – The bedrock of any successful organization is its integrity.  Are we whom we say we are? Do we conduct ourselves in a worthy and honorable manner?  Do we live in a positive way that leaves a legacy to follow? Are we kind and gracious in competition regardless if we win or lose?   These pillars of integrity are very important to us and override any competitive score or outcome. We commit to being thankful and finding ways to be grateful in all things daily. We control the "controllables".

     Faithfulness – be faithful in all things.  To each other, to the sport, to the coaches, to the athletes, to our community and school.   Success is so often found in the simple faithfulness to show up on time, work hard and be supportive of one another.  Success in racing is a result of faithful preparation. We commit to giving your best effort daily. We control the "controllables".

     Excellence  – We strive to be excellent in all that we do.  This does not mean perfection, but it does mean we take seriously the calling to be excellent runners, competitors, coaches, students, and teammates.   We want to be known for being an athletic program that is excellent at all that it endeavors to do. We commit to excellence in all we do (even the little things). We control the "controllables".

    “CC4LIFE”  doesn’t mean that we expect our student-athletes to be running cross country their entire lives, through a lifetime of healthy physical activity is something we would endorse. The reality is teens will compete in their sport of choice while in school  … so if that’s the case, we hope that the “L.I.F.E” lessons we boldly pursue during their time with us will translate positively into their lives long after the racing shoes have been hung up or outgrown.